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Posted on Feb 9th, 2016 Comments (0)
Cassia Aguiar, our Property Manager, is available at the office Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM.
If you are locked out of your unit after Tamarind's office hours, please call Arrow Locksmith at 407-855-2080 or 407-293-7788.
If you have problems with solicitors knocking on your door call the police department and report them as trespassing on private property.
In case of emergency after Tamarind's office hours, you may dial the office number which will be answered 24/7. Items considered "emergency" are:
  •  No water.
  • A plumbing leak, or sewer stoppage which may cause damage to personal property or to the buildings.
  • Mal function of Clubhouse alarm system or property fire alarm system.
  • Any issues related to our well system.
If FIRE, RESCUE, or POLICE assistance is required, please call the emergency service at 911, and notify the office immediately thereafter.
Stop by the office to see if we have the most recent copy of your unit's key. In case of an emergency we can fix a leak or save your pet.

Also, our owners now have multiple ways to make maintenance fee payments:
  1. There is the old fashioned way of writing a check, enclosing the coupon and putting it in the envelopes provided and mailing it. 
  2. Payments can be made through your own bank by setting it up on Bill-Pay.  This requires that you include the 16-digit account number to ensure proper crediting to your account.
  3. Recurring Payments can be set up through your own bank as well. 
  4. Owners may sign up for Auto-Pay through Sentry Management at no cost by going to autopay@sentrymgt.com or by calling Sentry's Customer Service team at 407-788-6700 ext. 42500 OR 800-932-6636 ext. 42500.  Assessments will be drafted on the 3rd of each month, and if the assessment amount changes, Sentry makes that change automatically. 
  5. CONVENIENCE Payments through the Sentry Website www.sentrymgt.com. Payments through the website has three additional options available:
  • PAY BY CREDIT CARD This service is provided to Sentry owners by a third-party provider PayLease. PayLease charges the USER a fee for this convenience. 
  • E$Check  This option takes you to the UnionBank website.  There are two options to either sign-in as a Registered User or a New User or as a GUEST.  This option is FREE to users.
  • Pay By Phone This service is provided to Sentry owners by a third-party provider PayLease.  PayLease charges the USER a convenience fee.
Please visit www.sentrymgt.com for more information on payment options.
Remember to stay in touch. Update your profile on this website, call in work orders to the office, or drop a note in our drop box outside the office.



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